4 Democrat Senators Are Turning Republican Because They Oppose Impeachment

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Not every Democrat is a supporter of the sham attempt at impeachment of President Trump. Some actually have a conscience and respect for the Constitution. These few have been kept quiet about their opposition by their party but now, after the passing of the articles and a House vote just around the corner, they are speaking out. One by one, the left are letting America know that some of them are patriots too.

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Four more Democrats are now publicly stating their anger at the impeachment proceedings initiated by their own party and all are preparing to abandon their party and cross over to the GOP because of it.

Jack Layton of Michigan, Christina Clark of Washington, Gordon Campbell of California, and Kareem Jabari of New York have all filed the papers needed with Congress for a mid-term party transfer, and they’ve all done so out of anger with what they say is an “illegal action against the President”.”

Satya Martin is acting as a neutral spokesperson for the group and all media requests have been directed to her, likely because she is so easy on the eyes. She conveyed the group’s thoughts:

More and more liberals are seeing the light and the truth in Trump. This is just the beginning.

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