Barr Investigation Finds FBI, Comey Destroyed Evidence Against Hillary

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AG Barr’s investigation into the dealings of Barack Obama’s time in office is leading to discoveries of seemingly unrelated crimes all over the place.

The latest involves Hillary Clinton and her use of illegal email servers while in her role as Secretary of State. That’s no surprise. Also not surprising is the group being named as “co-conspirators” in her illegal activities – the FBI

The presence of derp state spies within the Bureau was first suggested by none other than President Trump when James Comey and company declined to dig into Obama’s “wiretap” of Trump and his offices while he was campaigning back in 2015, among other conspiratorial events long since forgotten.

Where Trump had difficulty was in finding the proof. That’s where Barr came in. Though Barr wasn’t searching for traitors in the FBI specifically, he has found them.

The current probe has discovered inter-office emails between Comey and several underlings, instructing them to “bury” what appears to have been concrete evidence of Clinton’s guilt at having shared classified secrets through her personal email server at her home. Unfortunately, this evidence was destroyed but testimony can be expected from the guilty agents as well as Comey himself.

This is a revelation that will shake the very foundations of the Justice Department. Its rats are being exposed and the swamp continues to be drained.

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