Blockbuster, Inspector General Report Shows FBI Had Informants Embedded In Trump’s Campaign

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President Donald Trump was impeached because he wanted to investigate corruption in the Ukraine that he believed involved the former vice president.

He was accused of wanting to have a foreign nation influence the United States presidential election because of that.

But the previous administration apparently did a ton to attempt to influence the 2016 and the media has been mum on the majority of it.

And when President Trump accused the administration of former President Obama of spying on him he was called a conspiracy theorist.

And when the Department of Justice Inspector, Michael Horowitz, gave his report a week ago many touted it as being positive for the FBI.

But what they did not report is the most damaging part of it. The report apparently showed that the FBI had informants inside President Trump’s campaign, The Daily Wire reported.

The Washington Times reports that the FBI informants, who tried to get close to Trump campaign aides Carter Page and George Papadopolous, came up empty despite repeated attempts to bait both Page and Papadopolous into connecting with Russian operatives who, the informants told the pair, could provide “incriminating” Hillary Clinton emails.

“The report discloses that the FBI dispatched against Trump allies multiple unnamed FBI informants known as confidential human sources (CHS). The most publicized was Stefan Halper, a longtime Washington national security figure and Cambridge University professor,” the outlet reported. “He ingratiated himself to George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, while also attempting to engage with a senior Trump campaign official in New York.”

The Inspector General reports that the FBI informants recorded entire conversations with both Papadopolous and Page, but that the content of these recordings could be considered evidence that neither aide engaged with Russian operatives: “Mr. Halper recorded conversations that could be seen as exculpatory.”

The Inspector General also “rapped” the FBI, the Times reports, for failing to include the recorded conversations in petitions sent to the FISA courts requesting the warrantless wiretaps. Such an error makes the petitions incomplete, he said, and biased the court towards granting the FBI permission to spy on Trump operatives.

Both Papadopolous and Page had contact with Halper, who introduced them into networks that featured Russian operatives, including a one Joseph Mifsud, who tipped off Papadopolous that the Russians might be in possession of “incriminating” Clinton emails that could ultimately help Trump win the election. Papadopolous spoke about the tip to an Australian ambassador, who eventually told the FBI, but, apparently, Papadopolous didn’t follow up on the tip personally, never asking the Kremlin — or directing the Trump campaign to place a call to the Russian government — to get a look at the emails in question.

“According to special counsel Robert Mueller,” it said. “no evidence ever surfaced that Papadopoulos acted on the Mifsud tip: He didn’t try to obtain emails and never told the campaign.

“He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about when he began talking to Mr. Mifsud. A judge sentenced him to 14 days in jail. He now is running for Congress in California,” it said.

It was also shown that, at minimum, one FBI attorney modified a report in order to get a FISA warrant approved.

That is what spying on a campaign looks like. That is what election interference looks like and that is why they keep accusing President Trump of doing it.

By accusing the president, they take the attention off of themselves and their clandestine interference activities.

There is a new report coming, an investigation of the investigators, and that is when people are going to see the facts.

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