Chelsea Tweets She’s “Full of Fury” at Trump and Senate Republicans

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Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter Thursday to vent over being “full of fury” at Trump and Senate Republicans.

Clinton tweeted:

I am filled with fury at @realDonaldTrump & Senate Republicans. for creating extra vulnerable our already-vulnerable: our youngsters , elderly, citizenry in jail/detention, humans who are homeless, humans w/o insurance. to seek out out tonight some profited? As my Grandma Ginger wld say-To satan.

Chelsea shared a tweet from John Schwartz of the NY Times who wrote:


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One Twitter user replied to Chelsea to write:

Being outraged ain’t doing shit Chels. We gotta dig deep and roll in the hay ourselves.

to which Chelsea responded:

Can we do both? Be outraged and strive to proportion testing, #PPE, our fitness work pressure and device capacity? I suppose we will .

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