CNN Panelists Baffled By Pelosi Handing Out Pens At ‘Somber’ Impeachment Signing: “It Was Unusual”

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed the articles of impeachment in peculiar fashion on Wednesday as she used multiple pens to complete the task. She then passed out the pens to various House Democrats who surrounded her, in what appeared to be a celebration.

The “signing ceremony” contradicted Pelosi’s notion that impeachment is “solemn” and “somber,” as pointed out by CNN panelists who were baffled by the entire situation.

Political correspondent Dana Bash questioned if it was appropriate for Pelosi and Democrats to celebrate the same way they would have if a “landmark piece of legislation” was passed.

“We are used to seeing signing ceremonies –handing out pens — at moments of celebration,” Dana Bash said.

She continued, “It was unusual to see that kind of ceremony and making, you know, handing out the pens and smiling for a picture in this kind of situation where the House Speaker has bent over backwards to say publicly and privately, ‘This is somber. This is not a time for a celebration.’”

“Understandable — this is history and the people who are involved want to take a mark the moment, but I didn’t expect to see that,” Bash concluded. 

Another CNN panelist agreed with Bash and followed up by calling the impeachment celebration “a little jarring” and “off message.”

She cited Pelosi saying earlier that it is a “sad and tragic day,” but at the same time “there she is holding up the pen and having photographs taken with those pens.” 


In ending, we leave you with some more reactions to Democrats’ impeachment signing ceremony:

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