CNN’s Don Lemon: The ‘Silent Majority’ Will Elect Joe Biden

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Anti-Trump CNN host Don Lemon claimed Democratic presidentialnominee Joe Biden would get elected president in November because of what he terms as the “silent majority.”

Lemon’s use of the term “the silent majority” shows his apparent lack of understanding because those on the left who support Biden are anything but silent.

Lemon began by emphasizing that 2020 is not 2016, pointing to Biden’s higher favorability than Hillary Clinton

Though many speculate the “secret Trump voter” that will vote for the reelection of President Donald Trump while remaining silent, Lemon suggested those silent voters will go to the Democratic challenger.

“People talk about the ‘silent majority,’ you say you don’t see the lawn signs or whatever, I think that people feel that they don’t have to put up lawn signs and do all of those things because the lawn signs is Trump out every day giving misinformation,” Lemon told Cuomo.

“And when someone- after someone annoys you for a while… what’s the best way to handle it?”

“You just ignore it… When you ignore people, that is the worst thing that you can do to anyone,” Lemon continued.

“So I think people are sick of, quite frankly, sick of us talking about Trump every single night, leading with him, it’s a bulk of our show.”

“People are tired of it, and they’re tired of his antics,” Lemon said.”And I think there’s a silent majority who’s going to say, ‘You know what? I’m done,'” he added.

“And they’re not yelling and screaming, they’re not ripping their masks off,” Lemon continued.”They’re not yelling at people to wear masks.”It’s, quite frankly, most of them aren’t the young people who are out there on the streets,” he added.”These are the steady voters, as I say, the ‘Church Hat Ladies’ who are going to vote and they are quite frankly tired of it because they think about their kids being bullied and they don’t like bullies.”Cuomo suggested the “silent majority” has “turned into the concern of whether or not the majority gets silenced through all of these suppression efforts with the ballots.”

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