Disgusting Pelosi Dismisses Pro-Democracy Protests Against Iranian Regime

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Democrats continue to take sides with America’s enemies against President Trump as long as it furthers their political agenda and Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leading the pack.

In normal times, the mass demonstrations in Iran following the government’s admission that it shot down a passenger plane and killed 176 people who were aboard would have been backed by U.S. politicians of both parties.But not in 2020 where despite their dishonest lip service to «democracy» Democrats have now proven to all that they would even stoop so low as to suck up to the ayatollahs by parroting their propaganda rather than give credit to Trump. On Sunday morning during her media damage control tour, Pelosi went on ABC’s «This Week» with Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos and downplayed the protests against the tyrannical regime in Tehran.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The question is how we get there. We’re seeing now demonstrations in the streets of Iran against the regime.

Do you support those protesters and would it be a good thing if they brought the regime down?

PELOSI: Well, the regime — the protesters are — are protesting, as I understand it, this brand of protesters, about the fact that that plane went down. And many students were on that plane. And these are largely students in the street.

I think the Iranians should have not had commercial flights going off when there was —

STEPHANOPOULOS: They’re calling out the regime for lying. They’re saying death to Khomeini as well.

PELOSI: Yes. Well, whatever it is.


But the fact is this, the — there were protesters in the streets before against the regime. After the taking out of Soleimani, there were protesters in the street, joined together, as you know, against us. That wasn’t good. Taking down this plane is a terrible, terrible tragedy. And they should be held accountable for letting commercial flights go at a time that was so, so dangerous.

But there are different reasons why people are in the street. Of course we would love to see the aspirations of the people of Iran realized with a better situation there, but escalating the situation — unless we’ve exhausted every other remedy —

Contrast that to President Trump who warned Tehran about killing or otherwise suppressing the protests which are clearly a response to the actions of the Islamic republic’s government and the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752.

The doomed airliner was hit by a missile while the Iranian military was launching strikes against U.S. troops in Iraq as retaliation for the airstrike that took out fiendish terrorist mastermind Qasem Soleimani, a man who Democrats including 2020 candidates have defended.

It is truly a sad day in America when the leader of one of the nation’s two major political parties is so consumed by a toxic cocktail of senility, rage, hatred for the legitimately elected POTUS and a lust for power that she would side with a brutal regime that is now shooting the protesters like fish in a barrel.

Even worse is that the media is aiding and abetting Pelosi and her unhinged party in promoting talking points that appear to have been written by the Iranian ministry of propaganda.

How much lower can Pelosi go?

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