IT’S ON: McConnell Open To Hunter Biden Testifying At Senate Impeachment Trial

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Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, has had a horrific past few months.

Hunter Biden is in hot water over his shady business deals in Ukraine that resulted in him sitting on the board of a corrupt gas company that paid him $50,000 a month in exchange for him possibly encouraging his father, who was the vice president at the time, to back-off calling for investigations into the company.

Now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Republicans could subpoena Hunter Biden to testify about his shady business dealings in Ukraine at the Senate impeachment trial.

«We’ll be dealing with the witness issue at the appropriate time into the trial, and I think it’s certainly appropriate to point out that both sides would want to call witnesses that they wanted to hear from,» McConnell told reporters Tuesday when asked about Hunter Biden testifying.

«When you get to that issue, I can’t imagine that only the witnesses that our Democratic colleagues would want to call would be called,» he said.

The GOP leader also noted «there is little or no sentiment in the Republican conference for a motion to dismiss» the articles of impeachment immediately, adding that «our members feel that we have an obligation to listen to the arguments.»

McConnell confirmed all 53 Republican senators support passing an organizing resolution at the start of Trump’s trial that would set up time for the House prosecutors and the president’s defense team to lay out their opening arguments and for senators to submit questions to the chairman in writing.

Votes on subpoenaing witnesses will be considered after what McConnell calls «phase one of the trial.»

Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul said he will force a vote on subpoenaing Hunter Biden if Democrats insist on having White House officials testify.

My colleagues can’t have it both ways. Calling for some, while blocking others. If we are going to give a platform to witnesses the Dems demand, I look forward to forcing votes to call Hunter Biden and many more! Paul tweeted.

All of this is catastrophic for Hunter Biden.

Last month, the former VP’s son was accused of a $156 million money laundering scheme.

Hunter Biden is also locked in a court battle after a DNA test revealed he fathered a baby with a former stripper in Arkansas while he was married to his brother’s widow.

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