Lindsey Graham Drops Deadline On Pelosi – If Nancy Doesn’t Send Articles Over By End Of Year, He’s Ending It

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Nancy didn’t think he would dare – here comes ‘The Graham!’

Nancy Pelosi has made a lot of wrong moves. I think we can agree on that.

She promised no impeachment, then flipflopped. She accused Trump of bribery and other crimes, then impeached him over non-crimes.

Now, perhaps her worst, is withholding the articles from the Senate.

All the rush to impeach Trump was a farce. Because apparently now, there’s no rush.

What was this all about, then? Were they “holding accountable” an out-of-control president? Or were they just making a big show for the fake news?

Democrats are even saying they are fishing for new evidence.

Well, Senator Lindsey Graham won’t stand for it—he’s dropping a hard deadline on Pelosi.

From Twitter:

If this continues into 2020, the Senate needs to strike back, standing up for our rights and ending this debacle.

Graham says that if Pelosi continues this “debacle” the Senate will strike back. The Senate will stand up for the rights of all Americans and end this nonsense.

Democrats plunged our whole country into chaos over claims that Trump broke the law. They accused the president of bribery and pressuring a foreign power.

Yet, even after they voted on their wildly partisan impeachment, they refuse to finish the job and send the articles to the Senate.

Is it because they know the Senate will not remove Trump over these shame allegations?

Is it because this was just a show for far-left Americans and the liberal media?

It looks that way.

Pelosi wants to play games. To manipulate the Senate and dig up more dirt on the president.

But Graham makes it clear: if she keeps this up the Senate will use their Constitutional power to end it, here and now.

If she were smart, she would send the articles and go back to doing her job.

Something tells me she isn’t.

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