Massachusetts Democrat Arrested By The FBI – Indicted 28 Times For Using Campaign Funds For Casinos, Golf

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Democrats are known for wanting more power to make decisions for American citizens. We see that firsthand with their push for “Medicare for All,” a government-controlled health care system.

But how good are these Democrats at handling money? Can we really trust them with something as crucial as our finances?

Turns out, not so much. Some of these leaders are in no position to be trusted.

This one guy just might be the worst.

Massachusetts Sen. Nangle just got arrested by the FBI after apparently breaking some big rules.

From ABC News:

David Nangle frequented casinos throughout New England, accumulating so much gambling debt that he turned to campaign funds to keep himself financially afloat, according to a 28-count indictment unsealed Tuesday…

Nangle, D-Lowell, was arrested Tuesday by the FBI and the IRS on charges of bank fraud, wire fraud, filing false tax returns and lying to a bank.

Wow. Democrat state Sen. David Nangle apparently had a big gambling problem. He racked up serious debt at various casinos throughout New England.

How did he fix this? According to the Feds, he used campaign funds to cover his debs. Ouch.

He is being charged with 28 counts, including a variety of violations that put him in the crosshairs of both the FBI and IRS.

It’s bad enough to think that one of our elected officials had just a gambling problem. Instead of being a prudent, responsible, apparently this guy was literally gambling his life away.

To cover for his mistakes, he misused money that was donated for specific purposes. The law is very strict about campaign finances for this very reason.

It seems Nangle wasn’t clear about what he should use this money for.

What’s really crazy? Nangle sits on the state’s House Committee on Ethics, Rules, and Joint Committee on Rules!

Wow, irony, huh? This isn’t the first Democrat caught misusing funds, who also sat on an ethics board.

Maybe voters need to reconsider who they’re sending to the capital, huh?

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