Pelosi Says She’ll Pass A New Article Of Impeachment Each Week Until Trump Resigns

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According to several Democratic staffers, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has agreed to a new House impeachment strategy of releasing one new article of impeachment against President Donald Trump each week for as many weeks as it takes Mr. Trump to resign.

A staffer on the House Democratic leadership team anonymously supplied an audio tape of Mrs. Pelosi explaining the strategy.

The following are her words:

“We’ve got Donald Trump by his tiny, shriveled up balls. Mitch McConnell can’t fuck with me! He wants to play games with the Senate trial, that’s fine, we’ll pass a new article of impeachment each week, and make McConnell have to spend every hour of every day in ceaseless Trump impeachment trials. They’ll never get to confirm another unqualified, idiot conservative federal judge again. And, meanwhile, we’ll bombard Pompeo, Bolton, Giuliani and McGahn’s brains out with lawsuits and subpoenas until they cry and come begging to me to make all the litigation stop. They’ll squeal against Trump till the cows come home, and I cannot wait to watch the President’s tiny little sausage fingers smear the tears in his eyes all over his ridiculous orange face as he realizes he’s totally fucked while the sting of tanning lotion burns his retinas. Boys, we’re gonna grab the President by his pussy because when I, Nancy Pelosi, am Speaker of the House, I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to that man-baby whiny little bitch!”

You go, girl.

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