President Trump Signed The Bill Giving Military Members Largest Pay Raise In TEN YEARS!

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How soon we do forget. President Trump was asked during an interview on Fox News on Sunday about his legacy. President Trump responded by mentioning one of the very first things he did as the new President in 2016 was give our troops the biggest pay raise in a decade. Another even more substantial pay raise was given in 2019. Here is the report: 

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump signed off Friday on nearly $1.4 trillion in spending, including a measure that will give members of the military their largest pay increase in 10 years. 
The move will keep the government funded through Sept. 30, 2020, dodging the possibility of a shutdown ahead of what’s expected to be a contentious election season.
White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere said Trump signed the legislation aboard Air Force One as he traveled to his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he will be celebrating Christmas and New Year’s.

The spending measures, which will add roughly $400 billion to the deficit over 10 years, include money for the president’s U.S.-Mexico border fence, pay raises for military and civilian federal workers, and federal funding for election security grants.

The 2020 National Defense Authorization Act was part of that spending legislation, which will also establish a U.S. Space Force and reform military privatized housing.
U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the move ensures that troops will receive a 3.1% pay increase, their largest raise in a decade.

“Today’s Senate vote sends a message to America’s military families: we are committed to you. We honor your sacrifice,” Inhofe said in a statement following the Senate’s passage of the bill. “We’re going to give you the training, equipment and weapons, and resources you need to do your job well and come home safely.”

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