Scalise: Impeachment Resolution Sets Soviet-Style Rules

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Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., blasted the Democrats’ impeachment resolution and called it “Soviet-style rules.”

His comments came Thursday just before the House approved the resolution.

Speaking on the House floor, Scalise said: “This is Soviet-style rules. “Maybe in the Soviet Union you do things like this, where only you make the rules; where you reject the ability for the person you’re accusing to even be in the room, to question what’s going on; for anybody else to call witnesses when only one person has the right to call witnesses.

“And as we saw just the other day, the chairman was literally directing the witness to not answer certain questions by Republicans. What kind of fairness is that?”

Scalise echoed those comments in a Thursday tweet, in which he also attached a video excerpt of his House remarks.

He wrote: “BREAKING: Dems are voting to continue their Soviet-style impeachment scheme.

“They’re not interested in due process.

“They’re not interested in ending (Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam) Schiff’s secret witch hunt.

“They’re not interested in transparency.

“They just want to rig 2020 against @realDonaldTrump.”

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