Singer Sheryl Crow: ‘I Forbid My Kids To Watch TV When Trump Is On, I Prefer Classy People Like Hillary Clinton. Do You Support Her?

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As of late on ABC’s “The View,” vocalist and Hillary Clinton fan Sheryl Crow expressed that she doesn’t give her youngsters a chance to see President Donald Trump on television since she is “humiliated.” 

Crow expressed, “I traveled with Mrs. Clinton. I went to Bosnia. She has completed a great deal of work for, similar to, 30 years for ladies and kids. Also, I couldn’t care less—you know, I saw what occurred with President Obama.”

“It made me wiped out. I think he drew out some genuine bias in the nation by the righteousness of the way that he was the primary dark president.” 

“I’m simply my psyche here. I’m seeing it with the principal female president and it sickens me.”

“To the extent, Trump is concerned, I met him on the arrangement of “Studio 54.” It was a motion picture, and he was being his identity, which is Donald Trump, you know. He was showing up. That is me and Cindy Crawford. I’m endeavoring to look as tall as she seems to be.” 

“In any case, that is the main time I’ve met him. Be that as it may, you know, I’m humiliated. My children, I would prefer not to go too far into it however I don’t give my children a chance to sit in front of the television when he’s on.”

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