Trump Calls Maxine Waters A Crook As He Endorses Joe Collins: “Vote for Joe E. Collins lll and get this long time crook, Maxine Waters, out of office”

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President Trump ripped Maxine Waters today and endorsed her challenger in the upcoming election.

“Maxine Waters has long been considered “the most corrupt person in Congress”. Only habit keeps her there. Vote for Joe E. Collins lll and get this long time CROOK, Maxine Waters, out of office,” Trump said.

Trump was responding to a hard-hitting political ad by Maxine’s challenger Joe Collins who ran an ad showcasing Maxine’s mansion.

The ads says, “Do you know where I am? Maxine Waters’ $6 Million Mansion. Do you know where I’m NOT? Her District.

Mansion Maxine Waters doesn’t live in her District — I do. My name is Joe Collins and I’m running for Congress against Maxine Waters.”

From The LA Times:

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters is registered to vote at her home in the Vermont Knolls neighborhood in South Los Angeles. The home used to be within the boundaries of her district, until redistricting shifted some of Waters’ neighbors into the 37th District now represented by Democratic Rep. Karen Bass.

Waters’ 43rd District is about a three-minute walk from her front door around the corner and across Vermont Avenue. That is news to some voters on her block who figured their famous neighbor — the one who has earned national headlines over the course of her 13 terms in Congress — represents them in Washington.

Seth Greene, a 26-year-old teacher who lives in the neighborhood was stumped when asked who represented him in Congress. “I want to say Maxine Waters,” he said. “I know I’ve voted for Maxine Waters in the past.”

Standing on his porch on the same block as the congresswoman was Catalino Linares, 74, a retired carpenter. He tilted his head back as he tried to recall his past votes. Wasn’t Waters his representative? He said he may have marked the box for Bass, but he didn’t remember her name.

“I didn’t know,” he said in Spanish with a shrug.

Waters won her last two campaigns with 71% of the vote.

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