Trump Executes Stealth Food Stamp Maneuver – Donald Could Save American Taxpayers Over $4B

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Democrats didn’t think he’d go this far – so of course Donald did!

President Trump is quickly dismantling the left’s socialist dream, and they’re panicking.
What do the Democrats want? An American people controlled by the government.

They claim it’s to help those less fortunate. And who can argue over programs that provide food, clothing, housing, and even medical care?

But what they don’t say is that all their “free” programs are far from it. Government-funded handouts end up cost hard-working Americans big time.

President Trump, on the other hand, has been shrinking government. That has resulted in more jobs, higher wages, and fewer Americans in need of welfare.
He’s even proposing a new set of rules that will slash the budget yet again.

From NBC News:

The new rules create stricter work requirements for program eligibility, cap deductions for utility allowances and “reform” the way 40 states automatically enroll families into SNAP when they receive other forms of federal aid…

The USDA, meanwhile, estimates that the changes would reduce the SNAP budget by about $4.2 billion.

Democrats are panicking over three new rules that will cut food stamp benefits. Even NBC News framed the move in a negative light, saying how it will cost millions of Americans their food stamps.

Only at the end do they admit it will save taxpayers $4.2 billion.

Liberals are terrified over Trump’s cuts. Why, because it will hurt Americans? Nope! These cuts are only to make sure people who are actually working don’t get food stamps.
Or that food stamps aren’t automatically handed out to everyone applying for federal aid.

These are common-sense cuts that will save us serious money. Democrats are worried that, with fewer people on the government’s teat, there is less reason to vote for them.

Democrats use food stamps as the carrot to get Americans to vote. But if more Americans are enjoying a life free from government handouts, why bother to vote for them?

Americans deserve to work to earn their keep. They shouldn’t become dependent on the government to get by.

After all, the Democrats will only give you enough to keep you under the poverty line. Trump is actually working to make sure every American has the opportunity to thrive.

That is why he’s proposing these cuts. And that is why Democrats are having a meltdown.

But patriots should be cheering. President Trump is once again going to save you and the rest of us billions.

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