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It’s precisely what the identify of this article appears like, and we couldn’t make this crap up if we tried. The identical folks that instructed republicans to “prevent whining” while obama was in workplace prove themselves to be absolutely the whiniest organization of human beings to walk the earth.

A lot of hollywood’s elite are threatening to go on strike in protest of our president.     

This rumor began circulating as soon as trump become elected president of the us, however those idiots continue to push the problem. Our message to them, do it. We don’t need jerks such as you in hollywood besides. The fact that people like rosie o’donnell assume that the movie and tv enterprise wouldn’t live on with out them proves simply how ignorant they surely are.

Mike opelka called out the wealthy actors and administrators who have been threatening the strike, warning them of the damage this strike might cause to all of us else in the enterprise. He mentioned the decrease paid help workforce who do all the behind the curtain paintings.    

“the folks that do all of the real work in hollywood are the folks who build the units, who make the costumes, who create the props, and in a few cases, do the stunts and the computer graphics,”mike explained. “and they’re no longer getting the bazillion greenback offers.”   

It’s approximately time that those jerkoffs understand that they aren’t the handiest human beings on this global. The fact stays that donald trump is our president, whether they like it or not, and that isn’t about to trade.

Let’s hope that for the sake of each person else in hollywood these ignorant celebrities suck it up and cope with the truth that their candidate didn’t win. Maybe if they took their heads out in their asses lengthy enough to even pay attention to trump’s desires for his time in office they could feel otherwise.

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