[VIDEO] Uber Driver Assumes Black Passengers Are “Trump-Haters” and Boy, Was He Wrong…

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An uber driver made a very, very big mistake when he figured his two Black passengers would be Trump haters.

Here’s what went down:

Two American women were in Switzerland and they called for an Uber.

When the car arrived, it was being driven by a black man from Africa.

He mentioned President Trump to the women, assuming because they’re black that they would hate him.

We don’t see what he said in the video, the filming starts after he made the comment, but the woman later explains that the driver said something like “F*ck Trump.”

Well, let me tell you, this woman didn’t appreciate anyone disrespecting her president and she told this driver where he could go, and she didn’t hold back.

Things got so heated the driver pulled over and let the women out of the car.

You can watch the video below:

President Trump has done more to support the Black community than any other president in modern history.

His actions back up his words. Meanwhile, Democrats like Joe Biden have offered pointless lip service for the night 47 years, and even worse, have helped to destroy the Black community with crime bills and running these hopeless inner cities.

There’s no doubt that President Trump has broadened his support from Black Americans, and it’s no longer an “automatic” to assume someone who is black hates Trump.

They, like all Americans, have their own free will.

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